Vitaliy Smirnov provides advice to organisations in a variety of industries and countries in the practical implementation of the integrated methodologies that aims to improve organisational effectiveness via

  • Organisational Effectiveness (structure, people, people management, management systems, business process re-organisation),
  • Technical Effectiveness (overall equipment efficiency, technology replacement strategies, capacity management),
  • System Effectiveness (mature and effective organisational systems) and
  • Overall Business Effectiveness as a fit with external market and industry changes.

His research interests lie in the practical applications of Requisite Organization in such fields as:

  • Risk Management, including operational and people risk managements
  • Human Resource Management by developing an integrated holistic approach to human capital management
  • Organisational Systems Management that includes the diagnostics of organisational systems, design and implementation
  • Organisational Life Cycles and the impact of employees’ capability on the stages of organisational development of Social, Political and Economic cycles and the impact of natural distribution of capability.

VItaliy was awarded a degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Management from the University of Bedfordshire, United Kingdom, for researching the impact of changes in the characteristics of organisational socio-cognitive processes on business effectiveness.

PhD Title – Business Strategy and Organisational Development: Organisational Archetypes and Socio Cognitive Processes in the framework of Configurational Approach