The requirement for business transformation is often due to an organisations products or services being exposed or identified as being out of date.  Sometimes the market forces or competition require increased efficiencies, revenue or market share. Usually the requirement to cut costs and improve the overall efficiency of operations is at the forefront of business transformation requirements.

Most  business transformation programmes  require a realignment  of the business strategy,  an adjustment of  the organisation’s structure and  clarification of  employees roles  and  accountabilities to ensure  the way work is completed  delivers upon the organisation’s objectives  and ensuring customer satisfaction.

The sequence many organisations  work  through  during  business transformation programme  includes:

  • An understanding  of the drivers  of change.   In many cases this is not a decision step, merely recognition  that changes required  and communicated  openly should assist  in preparing and gaining consensus  that changes required for the health of the organisation.
  • Communicating the current state of the organisation, “where it is today” and a description of the business in a healthy position, “where it needs to be in the future” helps to focus managers visualise and consider the potential.
  • With a clear understanding of the direction  the business needs to  pursue  comes  the recognition  what needs to change  with a high degree of detail.
  • Often the requirement for a design and development stage  results  in gaining appropriate support  for management in key stakeholders.
  • As organisations move into  and implementation phase, there is often  peaks and troughs ain emotions  and  uncertainty  as plans  and tasks  are executed  and results  obtained.
  • Essentially,  all change  projects  require  embedding  and supporting  was appropriate  health checks  to ensure  the new way of working  is fully adopted  and the expected benefits of change  are delivered.


Our expertise and experience  in guiding organisations through  substantial   business transformation projects  has resulted  in significant  step changes  for our clients  delivering   clearly communicated  distance strategies,  healthy  and functionally aligned disciplines  with significantly improved management systems and processes.

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