Our strategy to making organisations healthy is based on our experience that it takes more than techniques and tools to achieve successful outcomes.  

At En-Sync 8020 we believe that people make business work!  Our methods and approach enable En-Sync to 8020 consultants to equip our clients with the necessary infrastructure to realise their business strategies.  Our approach makes this possible by facilitating organisations in developing a framework for selecting and empowering the right type of people and cultivate their roles.  This in turn enables employees to use their decision-making skill and judgments to develop powerful ideas and demonstrate high levels of creativity in making valuable solutions for the organisation.

We assist our clients to evolve their strategic objectives, and then once the strategic direction can be clearly articulated, En-Sync 8020 facilitates managers by in helping them to focus on the systems that enable the strategic goals to be achieved.  It is having the right people in the right roles that will allow a business to become more creative in order to maintain its competitiveness.

Our goal is to equip businesses with the right people in the right roles.  Roles designed with the businesses strategic goals in mind.  En-Sync 8020 design roles that clearly articulate how each role adds value in terms of its purpose, its accountabilities and required decision-making authorities.

By assisting our clients in appropriately filling the roles with managers who can demonstrate the necessary capability to cope with these business challenges and market unpredictability, En-Sync 8020 will truly show how people make business work.

The En-Sync 8020 strategy emanates from hundreds of case studies, and our own experience that focusing on a single method or approach is not sustainable or sufficient for most of today’s markets and businesses. 

We recognise the vital importance of creating a close connection with clients in order to not only to feed their need for knowledge but also turning their vision into reality too.  In developing new integrated and systematic approaches to our client’s business requirements, we provide clients with a way to enact their strategies in every step of the journey and in every functional area, so that clients can be confident in how they will reach their business goals.

  • En-Sync 8020 understands and facilitates by with communicating with our clients and fully understanding their strategy and assists in the strategic delivery by ensuring that the business has the right structure in place and every employee can describe how his or her role adds value to the business.
  • En-Sync 8020 assists managers in the design and development of the systems and processes and ensures that they are designed and aligned to deliver the business strategy.
  • En-Sync 8020 works with managers in developing their managerial skills to ensure the correct measurement systems are in place and that they are attuned to the business goals and allow visibility of continuous improvements by removing variation.

How does the En-sync approach work?

The Strategic Review

  • The Primary objective is to ensure that our client’s organisation is in the required healthy state to enable the strategic goals to be realised and ensure that the design options will be aligned with strategy (structure-strategy fit)
  • En-sync 8020 uses a targeted health check to analyse and understand the manifest organisation structure.  That is, how the structure is represented or the assumed organisation, how it is perceived by those outside of the organisation and some employees.  This forms an input for further design phase and critique against the requirements of the strategy.
  • En-Sync 8020 will develop a step-by-step method on how to analyse the extent organisation.  This means how is the organisation currently behaves with respect to authorities, decisions and accountabilities, which is often different from the way an organisation represents itself in a visual form.
  • Scientifically based methods are employed to establish and analyse an extant organisation as it actually operates and form its input for further design phase.


  • En-sync 8020 will then clearly establish how the Management Accountability Hierarchy cascades the work at every level of the organisation.  We follow the format that every role in Management Accountability Hierarchy is based on three dimensions that are: Managerial Complexity, Structural complexity and Accountability Complexity
  • En-sync 8020 will work with the managers to understand the current efficiency of horizontal role relationships, horizontal weaknesses in the organisation and consider the steps to avoid Vertical Accountability Syndrome (i.e the wrong managers making the decisions).
  • To analyse a presence and quality of HR/Managerial Leadership Practices in the organisation in comparison to some of the best companies (competency mapping, work design, talent management, performance management, training and development, culture, HR analytics, etc)

The Design Phase

  • There are several key objectives of the design phase.  The first is to prepare our clients management team by agreeing the key principles; this is usually conducted through awareness sessions.
  • It is vital that our client’s management team have input into the organisation structure to ensure ownership and involvement throughout the process.  If the organisation is to achieve the required healthy state to enable the strategic goals to be realised then top management capability and decision making will be required to ensure that the design options will be aligned with strategy (structure-strategy fit)
  • En-sync 8020 consultants then design the roles with the managers.  Each role is considered in respect to its purpose to ensure it is aligned to the business strategy thereby ensuring the value of the role is clear.  In designing the role, management will need to be clear as to which accountability should be cascaded to ensure that authority and decision making is held at the right level of the organisation.  Finally, along with the managers we orientate the role through the organisation to ensure that the right type of authorities and relationships are developed to assist the role and the future role holder in being successful.


If you would like to know more about our methods in organisational design, please contact admin@en-sync.co.uk