En-Sync 8020 has been predominantly delivering is services in the manufacturing and mining industry’s since 2006. We have assisted clients in continents such as Eurasia, Africa, and Australia and in over 20 countries.

Our body of knowledge and vast experience allows us to integrate a plethora of strategic, organisational, and managerial methodologies and cohesively adapt and integrate through practical facilitation to assist our clients to achieve measurable financial and productivity improvements and organisational goals.

Our subject matter experts – many directly from the manufacturing and mining industry – help to facilitate change in important business functions, from:

  • Asset Logistics,
  • Daily Supervisory Routines
  • Human Resource Management (transactional risks, compensation & benefits system, training & learning system including competency mapping, talent pool development and management, short- and long-term human resource planning, performance management)
  • Maintenance Systems
  • Management Operation Systems,
  • Mining Methods,
  • Modern Manufacturing Management (Lean)
  • Organisational design (structure, role complexity, role design, horizontal working relationships)
  • Planning and Scheduling,
  • Risk Safety Management.

We apply proven cost management methodologies and, responding to changing conditions, bring rapid responses to achieve lasting sustainable financial benefits

En-Sync have developed a clear and concise methodology dedicated to helping clients understand risk, health and safety audits and risk assessments for mining companies and the capability to design, prepare and implement safety training programmes throughout the world.

Our training services have been developed to meet the needs of all cultures and nations, from developing to the highly developed. Our consultants typically have significant experience in productivity improvement and subject matter expertise gained through practical experience in mining and minerals processing. In addition we offer a substantial depth of change management expertise, project management skills, and organisation design and development experience.


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