The Implementation Phase

Duration: (Approximately 10 Weeks)


  • Financial Benefits
  • Tracking of quick wins
  • Management of medium term wins
  • Planning and development of long term wins   

Its normal practice on large projects to put a Project Governance Structure in place to ensure resources are being used effectively and that initiatives are sequenced correctly according to their economic and safety benefits. This is typically done by a Governing Group. The role and authorities of the Steering Committee will be designed and presented for approval to be implemented.

The initiatives to be implemented will be categorised with respect to time to implement, cost of implementation, effort needed for implementation and expected payback period. In line
with our overall objective of improvements in EBITDA, recommendations will be categorised into 3 groups

Quick Wins (results achieved in less than 12 months)
In our experience, improvements in asset performance utilising existing equipment and infrastructure can be realised through better management and utilisation of existing equipment, rather than investment in newer technologies. We expect short term improvements in performance and typically also capital deferment, where existing assets managed more effectively, negates the need for newer technology.

Weighted investments (payback in less than 3 years)
Given the various age of the assets and equipment, we anticipate there may be opportunities where the introduction of newer technologies can have a significant impact on operating costs, the reliability of production or the quantity produced.

Given our extensive operational experience in many types of Management systems, methodologies and practices, we will provide clear recommendations and business cases for replacement of infrastructure and equipment where appropriate.

Large Scale Investments pay back greater than 3 years
The previously established evaluation methodology will enable reporting on the progress of quick wins and process changes.

Upon agreeing the longer and capital investment initiatives to be implemented the client would assign an accountable Manager for each initiative.  This Manager will be able to give presentations and updates on the initiatives for which they are accountable to the Governing Group upon request.

En-Sync 8020 will then assign the best possible consultation and support to give the Managers the coaching assistance and guidance to ensure their success.

Role descriptions and KPI’s as well as the requisite organisation structure will be presented for implementation. This will be done with reference to the agreed and prioritised initiatives and will include relevant KPI’s core accountabilities

En-Sync 8020 will map the Overall Risk and Safety System and deliver a clear line of accountability throughout the optimum organisation structure. This will include:

  • Hazard Management (Identification and Reporting)
  • Incident Management
  • Emergency Planning and Response
  • Safety Information Management
  • Assessment (Audits and Inspections)
  • Other KPI’s that may be defined in Phase 1 and 2
  • Given our extensive operational experience in many types of mining practices, we will provide clear recommendations and business cases for replacement of infrastructure and equipment where appropriate.

Management Information Design
En-Sync 8020 will pass on knowledge that allows the managers to assess the quality and availability of management information during the Diagnostic and Analysis Phase and provide recommendations for improvement, by showing the managers how to develop tools such as the process optimization model (POM) and value driver tree (VDT) mentioned.

Maintenance Systems
We will make recommendations for improvement of maintenance systems and routines as well as the application of maintenance philosophies using world class maintenance analysis.

Continuous Improvement of Management Systems and Processes
Once the initiatives have been implemented in the clients business, we can develop a Health Check tool that covers the whole systems of management.  The Health Check tool will ensure the organisation has a tool to ensure the benefit are sustainable and further developed for the future.

IT Solutions
We will present a draft specification for IT which will be based on POM and TOC. This can only be described once the previous phases have been completed.

Handover, On-Boarding, Exiting and Transitions En-Sync 8020 will review how the client currently manage and maximise value from their work-based handovers.

We will suggest where simple and engaging products which ensure that key knowledge is retained and transferred. Enabling their clients protect their organisational knowledge, reduce corporate risk and improve business performance during the project and future.

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