The Planning Phase

Duration: Approximately 4 Weeks


  • Agreement of Business Case
  • Agreement of Initiatives and Base Line Indicators

The key objective here is to build the business case and anticipated benefits including financial return on investment as a result of implementing the improvement initiatives.
En-Sync 8020 will introduce and customise a ‘value driver tree’ that links all costs to the processes and considers price, cost, consumption, both historic and future. It is primarily a visible tool used to track the economic benefits for the project.

A data set for a project value driver tree will be developed in collaboration with the accountable managers for each area and each initiative; this will bring benefits in understanding of process linkages and the effects of decisions on process flow.

We ensure our clients team will be fully involved fully in analysing and validating the information gathered during the Diagnostic and Analysis Phase. As a result the clients team together with En-Sync 8020 will:

  • Develop and propose a method to increase the flow and reduce bottlenecks in key processes create passports of initiatives for key processes and equipment.
  • Develop and propose methods to improve industrial safety.
  • Conduct sessions to identify and agree the root causes of productivity and safety problems and prepare solutions identify areas where quick wins in safety and or productivity performance can be achieved.
  • Develop an integrated implementation plan that deals with improvements in overall business effectiveness (value chain maturity, quality of functional and integrated planning, organisational effectiveness, resource effectiveness, risk management effectiveness).
  • Produce a clear base line measures and propose an evaluation methodology to measure the impact of the programmes. The evaluation will introduce a mixture of organisational, operational, labour safety and financial measures, to be incorporated into the company’s business plan and economic model.
  • Develop a model for improvements in labour safety once the Planning Phase is complete and the initiatives to be implemented have been agreed.
  • Integrating key Risk considerations and elements into a proposed solution will include methods for Hazard Identification, Incident Management, and Emergency Response Planning at all levels from the Senior Management to the front line.

The Model will enable us to design and deliver learning programs to provide managers and employees with a required knowledge to manage Risk and safety effectively.


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