En-Sync Factory

Description: Multinational Aluminium and lightweight Metals, Manufacturing
Location:  Kofem, Hungary
Products:  Aluminium, Flat Rolled Products, extruded profiles

The Production targets had to be adjusted on a number of occasions over the past two years due to unforeseen stoppages.

The management team were confident that all planned shutdowns and routine maintenance were being completed “On Time In Full”

Planned downtime on the plant was often adjusted to meet production requirements, however, the amount adjusted was considered to be minor and not affecting the reliability of machines.

The unforeseen stoppages had been down to equipment failures of non-stock items.

A full maintenance system review was requested to see if there was an opportunity for improvement.

Review Process
The review process took place over a 6 week period.   It consisted of:

  • Interview, Questionnaire
  • Management System Assessment
  • Plant Run Condition Assessment
  • Changeover Observations
  • Shutdown Observations

Review Outcome
The interview and questionnaire captured management opinion and supporting data.  The comprehensive 230 point maintenance audit tool was developed which took into account industry best practices with which the business was scored against.

A Heat Map was then produced to look across the whole management system and identify where opportunities existed.  At the highest level these were broken into 4 main areas:

  • Equipment Performance Management
  • Work Management 
  • Budgeting & Cost Management 
  • Organisation

En-Sync Heat Map 1

The interview and audit tool that was developed made it easy for managers to identify the areas where the opportunity existed.
Taking one of these areas “Equipment Performance Management”, and mapping the results showed not only which department required specific focus, but also the systemic issues affecting the different maintenance departments and further across additional supporting functions throughout the business.
“Equipment Performance Management”, is broken down into 8 further sections.

  • Trend Reporting
  • Loss Reporting
  • Performance Analysis
  • Improvement Projects
  • Improvement Effectiveness
  • Plant Integrity Management
  • Maintenance Performance Index
  • Maintenance Strategy Management

En-Sync Heat Map 2

The “Management System Assessment” element of the review supported by the auditing tool heat map showed there were several opportunities in closing some of the system loops to ensure compliance and continuous improvements were given the correct amount of focus.
Furthermore, the Management System Assessment also identified that the culture or principles for maintenance had been developed over time and some areas show expertise that could be benchmarked internally to help drive a performing culture.

Plant Run Condition Assessments and conversations with maintenance and operational personnel showed that there were times which:

  • Machines could be inspected, which would reduce the time required for plant planned maintenance or shutdowns.
  • Machine setups or changeovers could be simplified.
  • Handovers or handbacks could be improved.
  • The opportunity existed for operator diagnosis and maintenance collaboration to improve daily checks.

Our Experience
En-Sync 8020 is a professional consulting and business services provider. Our experience in business consultation, organisation design, modern manufacturing techniques, mining methods and process technologies allow us to facilitate our client success by ensuring that they have a robust and well-communicated strategy, a healthy structure and reliable systems and processes, supporting the right people in the right roles.