All businesses are born with an idea in mind. They have products or services, which are designed and developed to meet the customers’ demands, which in turn justify their existence.

Environmental and social changes affect business growth, efficiency and cost. Often strategic intent over time can become unclear to the employees in the organization.  The alignment of systems, processes and employee contribution may become fragmented.

En-Sync 8020 consultants can assist your managers in identifying the main areas of concern within the business by conducting a strategic business review.  The strategic business review will help your managers evaluate how well the strategic intent has been cascaded and understood throughout the business.

When people think of the strategic business review, they are often concerned and the perception is that it will be extremely complex and a very difficult process. The reality is once En-Sync 8020 consultants have conducted a strategic business review the feedback is one of a liberating journey.

If you are in the position where you have to think strategically about your business, then our consultants at En-Sync 8020 will be able to add value.

Whilst thinking about the strategic direction of your business can be demanding and fraught with concerns of risk and uncertainty, we at En-Sync 8020 have a holistic process that is flexible enough so that it can be adapted for each of our clients’ needs.

Our senior consultants will be able to discuss your situation, the strategic intent and the concerns or complexities that may need to be considered.

En-Sync 8020 consultants will take you through our four-step process. The holistic four-step process consists of themes around: ”Where are you now?  Where do you want to get to?  Where should we get to in what timeframe?  How are we going to get there?”

We at En-Sync 8020 have many years experience with “C” level managers, helping them think through these questions. If you would like to discuss how En-Sync 8020 would able to guide you through this process, please contact