The Conscious Choice between Safe and Unsafe Behaviour may seem a bit if an unusual statement.   With the exception of extreme sports and social activities its generally accepted that people like to stay safe.  Given a choice of completing tasks in a safe or unsafe manner most would opt to work in a safe manner, correct?  Surprisingly, statistics show that not to be correct.  (tick here for statistics paper developed from a 13-year period with total of 52 fatal accidents.)

A key outcome of the paper found that 62% of all of the fatalities researched were due to non-compliance with procedures.   This can reflect badly on businesses that have taken the time to articulate how to complete a job to the required standard, but have failed by allowing work to be conducted in a non-compliant manner.

The most concerning element for employers is the incidents that can be categorised as Conscious Choice between Safe and Unsafe Behaviour which are mainly attributable to the most experienced, time served and knowledgeable members of staff.  It’s these people companies rely upon to assist in setting and demonstrating the best examples who falter and work outside of the prescribed safe systems of work.

Our approach to Conscious Choice between Safe and Unsafe Behaviour allows the root causes of these dilemmas to be exposed.  Our approach to improving Conscious Choice between Safe and Unsafe Behaviour takes the forms of Audits, Interviews, Inspections and Observations.  The Key elements include but not limited to.

  • Managing behavioural intention of the operator to comply with the requirements of safe behaviour
  • Visually-perceived leadership in the field of industrial safety and labour protection
  • Predictive analytics deviant behaviour (identifying employees who are prone to non-compliance with the requirements safe behaviour)
  • Safety culture management
  • Involvement of management staff
  • The use of the accelerated development of methods of safe behaviour
  • Indicators of development of the individual employee’s intention to comply with the requirements of safe behaviour

It’s a well known fact that we learn from our mistakes.  To assist with the developing safety behaviours and learn from mistakes in a safe environment the En-Sync 8020 Productive Safety Management System approach utilises iVD technology.

Integrated training and certification focused on behavioural indicators and skills building. Using proprietary high end technology and fully immersive experiences.

Remote learning

  • Inweb 3D simulators.
  • Educational content.
  • Multi-format tests.
  • Versatile mobile applications.

In-depth learning

  • Fully immersive 3D simulators.
  • Onsite immersive 3D simulators.
  • Augmented reality platforms.
  • Biometric data analysis.


  • Fully immersive wireless virtual reality glasses, with high quality audio and video, eyetracking, wide-area
    motion tracking and hands detection
  • Custom made controllers for any specification. Wired or wireless. Compatible with immersive, desktop, mobile and online simulators.
  • Augmented reality glasses capable of sensing movement, altitude, ambient light and humidity. Certified for industrial use.     
  • Latest integrated eye tracking technology among other biometric data: beat rate, blood pressure, temperature and focus.
  • Software applications for all devices: Data analysis, individual and group report generation, online content, evaluations and simulations.

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