Unconscious Choice Of Unsafe Behaviour

Our first element of the En-Sync 8020 methodology to Productive Safety Management Systems is to recognise the “Unconscious Choice Of Unsafe Behaviour”.

Simply put, this is the situation where the individual is unable to identify Risks or Hazards and act appropriately, or insufficient information is provided to clearly identify Risks or Hazards.

To put this into a operational context our approach will help identify high risk individuals working in a high risk area and therefore increased probability of an incident occurring.

Our Individual Risk Assessments contain tests and exercises that asses the capability of the individual to recognise risk and demonstrate safe behaviour.   The dilemmas proposed during the assessment require the individual to acknowledge the risk and choose the appropriate action.

We suggest to our clients that they asses all those employees who work at the point of work execution as they are closest to higher risk areas.  Additionally our Individual Risk Assessments are a great tool for the pre-employment selection process to ensure high risk individuals are identified and placed in appropriate roles.

The Individual Risk Assessments identify the behaviour of the individual within six key traits.

  • Compliancy (Rules and Procedures)
  • Composed (Calm and focused in difficult situations)
  • Dependability (Inert sense of Responsibility)
  • Risk Conscious (Cautious and Vigilant)
  • Understands Instructions (logic and comprehension of instructions) 
  • Zero Harm Attitude (Feels responsible for self and others)

In addition to the Individual Risk Assessments we also review the information presented to the individual in the workplace to help identify Risks and Hazards.  Our Work Place Assessment takes the forms of Audits, Interviews, Inspections and Observations.  The key elements include but not limited to.

  • Operator work standardisation
  • Integrated safety standards
  • Identification and assessment of security risks
  • Role key risk indicators and monitoring in 6 key areas
  • Management support
  • Role training and development methods

The Individual Risk Assessments combined with Work Place Assessment enable a heat-map of risk to be developed,  enabling our clients to make decisions on how to best mitigate the risks of the “Unconscious choice of unsafe behaviour” in the workplace.