Business Transformation Tools


En-Sync 8020 consultants have conducted many Organisational Transformation projects.  The organisations could consist of many thousands of employees or just a few,  The methodologies, and knowledge captured below have assisted many businesses with successfully reorganising their business to deliver medium and long-term strategies.


Module Name

Mid level Management

Senior Level Management

Corporate Management

 SWAT Analysis

 Sequence interviewing

 Developing A Case for Value

 Managing Project Phases

 The Change Process

 Project Management Controls

 Management Operation Systems M.O.S

 How To Run Training Sessions

 Resource Identification

 Developing Systems & Processes

 Theory Of Constraints

 Lean Management

 Implementing 5S

 Planning Principles

 OEE Overall Equipment Effectives “Efficiency”

 SMED, Single Minute Exchange of Dies

 Waste Identification

 Observations Skills (DILO, Ratio Delays)

 Lost Time Identification Management

 Managing Operation Availability

 Workload Analysis

 Project Administration