The Management Essentials Training

Once Managers have gained the knowledge of basic grounding and successfully applied some of the training shown in the Management Essential’s Training table below then there should be a visible difference in the professionalism and  standard of management.  However for those who want to achieve more in the realms of management, more specific management techniques and grounding in management theory’s  may be required for your managers potential to be realised.


Module Name

First Level Management and Supervision

Mid level Management

Senior Level Management

Corporate Management

Time Management

Diary Time Management

Supervisor Training

Managing Team Dynamics

Motivation Techniques

Management sciences

Theory of constraints

Lean Management

Bullying and Harassment

Negotiation Skills

Conflict Resolution Techniques

Managing Difficult People

Delegation Skills

Emotional Intelligence

Facilitation Skills

Attitudes and Behaviours

Management Behaviours

Interviewing Skills

Communication Skills


Presentation Skills

Chairing Meetings

Handling Criticism

Report Writing

Business Networking