Restructuring Transformation Tools

This next table of training and development tools would be suitable for those who have recognised that their organisation needs to change structurally, to enable the business to achieve its strategic direction. Additionally this training would be suitable for a HR professional who has the accountability in making recommendations in the process of developing the structure.

As there may only be a limited number of people within the organisation, which may initially benefit from these training modules it may prove more cost effective to ask for consultation initially and further training can be developed on a wider scale if required. If you want to discuss your training and development requirements then please contact


Module Name

Senior Level Management

Corporate Management

Organisation Behavioural Analysis

Introduction Into Requisite Organisations

Understanding Work Complexity

Dimensions of Role Complexity

Role Profiling

Gaps and Compression’s Analysis

Influence Mapping

Functional Alignment

Organisation Design

Role Development

Identifying Difficult Links

Cross Functional Relationships

Capability Mapping

Recruitment and Selection

Competency Based Interviewing

Performance Appraisals

Performance Management

Talent Management