Brownfield Mine (Re)Start Optimiser™

Through years of facilitating good mining and leadership practices across a broad range of mining assets, disciplines and geographies, En-Sync 8020 have learnt to recognise the dynamic nature of brownfield mine restarts

Our Brownfield Mine Restart Optimiser™ approach assists mining companies to:

  • maximise value and improve Execution & Project Management capability
  • secure the investors’ confidence with higher visibility and transparency
  • maintain stakeholders support
  • ensure compliance with principles of responsible investment,
  • increase TSR (Total Shareholder Return)
  • develop and deliver consistently overlooked yet powerful levers for success by converting the ‘hard’ data in the business case into a compelling and engaging narrative.

The En-Sync 8020 group has 70 years of proven and tested organisational methodology, combined with modern technology, our mining Restart programs provide clients with the confidence that the Mine (Re) Starts will be professionally supported and deliver a low cost with the high and early payback.