3BL Organisation

Social and environmental objectives have more increasing impact on companies’ market capitalisation and economic performance.
Thus, for business executives it becomes more critical than ever to develop an Organisation that is capable of pursuing and achieving triple bottom line management objectives (economic, social and environmental).
Is your Organisation capable of effective triple bottom line management?

Flowsheet Management

Flowsheet is at the core of any chemical and
 metallurgical business. It defines how the economic value is created by transforming chemically and
 physically raw materials into saleable products.
How effectively the flowsheet is managed to sustain the economic value over time defines the competitive advantage of the metallurgical and chemical operations in the 21st century knowledge economy.

Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion is a powerful method that has a significant positive impact on a company’s social license to operate and economic bottom line.
Despite being a popular discussion point among Executives, there are still some questions that require clarification based on En-Sync 8020’s survey.
  • How to present return on investment in diversity & Inclusion.
  • What is the difference between inclusion and organizational culture.
  • What the optimal path to diversity & Inclusion implement and others.
En-Sync 8020 has experience and position on these issues.

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