Inclusive Maintenance

Inclusive Leadership is a popular high-level theoretical discussions that provide interesting tips, hints, insights. These discussions are seldom from the real world of front-line teams where inclusion may have the biggest impact.

Inclusive Maintenance Leadership is a practical example on how the implementation of inclusive leadership as a part of team development impacts and improves the team performance.


Inclusive Leadership in Practice

Adapt Seven Functions of Inclusive Leadership to the needs of Maintenance Teams, set the standard for Inclusive leadership in Maintenance Teams and train Managerial Leaders

Review the training and coaching plans for maintenance front-line teams to align with the new standard of work

Define and communicate career paths to
maintenance teams, set up mentoring discussions with Maintenance Manager, agree on career plans,

Jointly with the team improve the standard of their work (preventive maintenance)

Set the context by Mine GM and the alignment with other
front-line teams

Accountabilities & authorities (Maintenance
Manager, Superintendent, Senior Mechanic,
Mechanic and Planner)

Train Maintenance Manager and Superintendent
on Managerial Leadership Practices and Inclusive Leadership

Explain / remove all practices perceived as “unfair”
by the teams (merit recognition, felt fair pay, performance appraisal)

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Real-Time Monitoring of Team Inclusion

En-Sync 8020 and its technology partners develop the capability to continuously evaluate the level of team inclusion and develop preventive and corrective targeted inclusion programmes based on Dr Elliott Jaques’s function of intention

Team Objectives

Set context for the team

Define team objectives in 4 team working modes:

  • Crisis
  • Compliance
  • Change
  • Disruption
Survey Programme

Design a set of targeted and inclusion based questions to evaluate intention to support the team objectives by team members based on:

  • Team members’ needs, attentions, skilled knowledge, perceived obstacles and enablers, interest in objectives
Broadcast Technology

Set up broadcasting and data collection technology to engage team members at any time and place (remotely)

  • Use of mobiles phones, social media, messengers, sms, etc.
  • Anonymous
  • Reliable and real time data
Inclusion Dashboard

Level of Inclusion measured:

  • Positive Intention (+10 to +63)
  • Neutral Intention (-10 to +10)
  • Negative Intention (-10 to -63)

Level of Inclusion categorized:

  • Per team
  • Per team objective
  • Per inclusion factor
Inclusion Improvement

Targeted Team Inclusion actions based on:

  • levels of inclusion per objective and inclusion factor
  • preventive actions based on inclusion alerts and early warning system

Changes In Maintenance Teams’ Inclusion

Monitoring of changes in the perceived quality of Inclusive Leadership and levels of Team Inclusion shows that consistent application of 7 functions of Inclusive Leadership changes the perception and improves Team Inclusion

Quality of Inclusive Leadership as perceived by Mechanics

Track changes in Perceived Quality of Inclusive Leadership

In 3 month

% of mechanics who are satisfied or very satisfied with Inclusive Leadership


Team Inclusion as Level of Support of Team Objectives by Mechanics

Track changes in Level of Team Inclusion for the maintenance teams

In 3 month

Inclusive Leadership and Maintenance Team Performance

The pilots show that Inclusive Leadership is not just a nice theoretical discussion and that improvements in the Levels of Team Inclusion have a practical meaning and impact on the performance of Maintenance teams


Hauler Truck (250hr)

Hauler Truck (500hr)

Hauler Truck (1000hr)

Loader LH514 (250hr)

Loader LH514 (500hr)

Loader LH514 (1000hr)

Loader LH307 (250hr)

Loader LH307 (500hr)

Loader LH307 (1000hr)

Loader LH203 (250hr)

Loader LH203 (500hr)

PM (Old Time)

17 hrs 12

17 hrs 12

17 hrs 12

17 hrs 32

17 hrs 32

17 hrs 32

19 hrs 34

19 hrs 34

19 hrs 34

18 hrs 40

18 hrs 40

PM (New Time)

2.6 hrs

2.6 hrs

3.3 hrs

2.8 hrs

2.8 hrs

2.8 hrs

1.75 hrs

2 hrs

2 hrs

1.5 hrs

1.75 hrs

What did we do that was different?
  • All the team members were involved by solicitating their ideas and in incorporating them in the plans.
  • The PM was planned and committed too with a new schedule
  • The task were critiqued and scheduled in line with commitments of a standard base time agreed with the team members.
  • Each specific activity was sequenced and defined in terms of QQTR
  • The tasks were distributed before the PM task commenced.
  • Tools and other materials were set in place for the task.
  • Lay out of the workshop was organised to minimize any wastage
  • Inclusive Leadership and Management support

Are you interested to find out:

  • how to improve the performance of your maintenance teams
  • how low inclusion of your maintenance teams impact Overall Equipment Effectiveness
  • how to design and implement Inclusive Maintenance in your front-line maintenance teams
  • how to monitor inclusion levels in your maintenance teams
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