Companies maximise the performance of their businesses, only when all three bottom lines (economic, social and environmental) have positive and growing indicators.

Companies are knowledgeable about the management and measurement of their economic bottom line and its indicators.

What about the Social Bottom Line?
How effective is your company’s management of Social Bottom Line?
How is it quantified?

En-Sync has developed a unique approach to the Social Bottom Line Management.


Business Strategy for Shared Value

Effective Business Strategy in the context of Triple Bottom Line Management achieves the targeted shared value equilibrium of interests among the company’s stakeholders, maintains the equilibrium and develops the stakeholders’ interests to find a new equilibrium at a higher level of economic bottom line
for the company.

As a result, to ensure an effective Triple Bottom Line Business Strategy, at En-Sync 8020, we develop
the following elements of the strategy:

Complexity level of the Business Strategy must match the complexity of the business / value chain

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